Fluted Edge Crush Test

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Fluted Edge Crush

(CFC, rigid support method)

The Fluted Edge Crush Test evaluates the ability of corrugating medium to contribute to the compression strength of a corrugated box.  The test is run according to TAPPI Test Method T843. The suitable holder for this test is shown below.  The holder consists of a pair of matched fluted jaws which are spring-loaded and which are opened and closed by means of a hand lever.  The spring-loaded feature allows for variations in the caliper of specimens and also allows loading of the specimen within 3 seconds.

The test strip is fluted as prescribed in TAPPI Test Method T 809 “Flat crush of corrugating medium (CMT

Test)”, and is inserted into the holder as quickly as possible after emerging from the fluter. The holder with the sample strip is placed on the platen of the compression tester and the maximum compression force is measured.