Paper and Paperboard Testing Services


Applied Paper Technology has a large number of paper testing instruments. We can perform various surface quality tests and printability tests. These include several surface smoothness tests, surface strength tests, and ink receptivity tests. We are able to run physical and surface tests typically performed on many paper grades as well as folding carton board, beverage carrier board, linerboard, corrugating medium, and other grades. We also run the traditional tests for corrugated board, ECT, Flat Crush, and others.


A TAPPI Standard testing lab at 50% RH and 73°F is the heart of our facility. Samples for testing are preconditioned at 20% RH then conditioned at TAPPI Standard conditions. We also have a walk-in environmental chamber that can maintain conditions from 20% to 100% RH and 40°F to 100°F. Many of the testing instruments can be placed in the chamber for testing under various conditions.


The environmental chamber also allows us to perform Water Vapor Transmission Rate tests at high relative humidity (tropical) as well as at standard conditions. We have a freezer, and we have conducted studies involving packaging and distribution of frozen foods. Investigations have included the Freeze-Thaw Cycles that frozen food experience during distribution and delivery.


Gluability is a concern for many packaging applications, and we are able to perform several cold set glue tests as well as hot melt gluability. One unique cold set gluability device, the Automated Glue Tester (AGT) is able to measure the force required to separate a glued sample, in addition to showing the amount of fiber tear. Hot melt gluability is evaluated using a Waldorf Hot Melt Glue Applicator. This device has proved useful because it can reliably apply a hot melt glue bead at a desired temperature, open time and compression time, simulating the real world.


Creasability and score cracking evaluation is an area in which APT has significant experience. With the use of a laboratory bench-top die cutter, technicians can cut and crease paperboard the same as in a commercial operation. We can evaluate score cracking tendency by scoring board under various environmental conditions. A PCA Scorebend tester is used to evaluate performance characteristics of commercially produced creases and scores as well as laboratory scores.


Applied Paper Technology conducts various compression tests, both Full Box Compression and component compression tests, like Block Compression and Corner Crush. These tests are performed on both solid fiber products and fluted products.


We have experience testing fluted products including E-flute, F-flute, and N-flute as well as B & C flute. We are able to use traditional folding carton test methods for small fluted products that will be converted into folding cartons. This allows these products to be presented and evaluated in terms that are familiar to folding cartons customers.