About Us

Applied Paper Technology is a full service technical support facility. We focus on providing a rapid response with reliable results, plus interpretation of the results, based on practical experience and the knowledge of our associates. Typically we develop ongoing relationships with our customers, providing a one-stop source for technical support, testing, and interpretation of results.

APT was established as an independent testing facility in 1997, when the internal technical services group for Mead Coated Board was spun off in a management buyout. Vann Parker and the other employees in the existing facility formed a new independent company. The new company built on its experience working with customers and end-users of paper and paperboard products.

Prior experience had included work for customers and end-users on issues related to printing, converting, scoring, die-cutting, filing line operations, multi-pack beverage carrier performance, and folding carton performance. As a result of the prior experience and much ongoing work with multi-pack beverage carriers, APT is uniquely positioned to provide technical services to paperboard manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, and beer and soft drink companies.

APT participates in Collaborative Testing Services, Inc (CTS) interlaboratory testing programs for paper, paperboard, and combined board to assure the reliability of our test results.


Our Mission is to solve problems for our customers.

We help our customers discover the root cause of problems with their product. We help them to understand why their product performed as it did. We help them improve the predicability of their products.


Objectivity and Independence is critical to our mission. We work very hard to test, evaluate, interpret, and report the facts frankly and honestly in order to maximize our value to our customers. At times it is difficult for an in-house technical services group to be completely objective, especially when there are competing points of view within the organization.


We believe that improved product predictability leads to increased profitability for our customers, their customers, and their suppliers as well.

We deliver factual information with the ability and experience to interpret the facts objectively and the independence to state the case openly.