Technidyne S4-M Brightmeter

Technidyne S5

Technidyne Micro S5


Elrepho 070


ColorQuest XE

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We measure TAPPI (or GE) brightness using either a Technidyne S-4 Brightmeter, or a Technidyne S-5 Brightmeter; both of which measure brightness in accordance with TAPPI test method T-452. The S-4 only measures directional brightness, while the S-5 measures both directional brightness and shade.

For measuring diffuse brightness and shade, we have both an L&W Elrepho 070 spectrophotometer and a Hunter ColorQuest XE spectrophotometer.  Both of these instruments measure brightness and shade using diffuse lighting and an integrating sphere. Measurements can be performed with either “C” or “D65” illuminates.

TAPPI Brightness - Applied Paper Technology, Inc.